Bangkok Women Tours

People sing of vice and sin slithering through the streets of Bangkok. One of the common misconceptions about the city is that beautiful Thai women lure foreigners in for a night of exotic pleasures and carnal desires—only for the affair to end on just that one night. What if we told you that there are those who seek genuine love? What if we say that there are beautiful Thai women who seek marriage and not money? Bangkok Women Tours challenges the stereotypes about beautiful Thai women and proves the idea that you can find a real and lasting relationship in Bangkok. We pride ourselves with the fact that our female members are all marriage-minded. On Bangkok Women Tours, meet Thai women of noble virtues who can be your ideal wife.

With our numerous services, we help you find the right woman and aid you in courting her. Join our Romance Tours, travel to Bangkok, and meet Thai women face-to-face in one of our social events. Remember how we said that all of our women are marriage-minded? Our Matchmakers pre-screen girls who want to join our site with that trait in mind. They make sure that among the beautiful Thai women who are eager to join us, only the ones who are ready for a life of commitment can go on our tours.

Thai girls know how to speak English, but they’re fluency may not be enough to develop chemistry for a long-term relationship. With Bangkok Women Tours, our Personal Translations services help you overcome that hurdle. When you go on our tours, you can have your own interpreter to accompany you throughout the trip. Thai is a difficult language to learn, but by picking up and using a few Thai words and phrases, you can excite the beautiful Thai women of Bangkok and make them swoon. Prior to the first social event on our tours and before you can meet Thai women, you’ll meet your interpreter who can coach you and give you tips if you want to try your tongue on the Thai language.

Want to know more? Here’s what you can expect on our Romance Tours:

  • Experience the best nightclubs in the world! Lose your breath every night from the exhilarating red-light districts of Bangkok.
  • Our full-time staff will take care of you for the entire trip. We will pick you up at the airport and take you to your large hotel suite complete with a king size bed, a 42-inch plasma TV, high-speed Internet, and a kitchenette. Every morning, you can partake on the hotel’s breakfast buffet. From the hotel, you are just minutes from the hottest nightlife in all of Asia.
  • On the first day, we will take you on a city-wide tour of Bangkok in all its splendor and magnificence. You’ll get to walk the metropolis and ride the city’s sky train.
  • Two socials where you can meet Thai women and our most beautiful ladies.
  • Bangkok has the best golf courses in Asia, which explains why many great Asian professional golfers are Thai. For just $50, you can shred the green with your skills and your own caddy.